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Kubernetes Training

                                                                                 Master Kubernetes, Platform Engineering, and more in hands-on, practitioner-led live training.

Kubernetes & Containers

This course offers hands-on experience, expert instruction, and certification opportunities, making it a valuable choice for those seeking to stay competitive in technology. Ensure your team has the necessary skills to efficiently deploy and manage applications in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. By investing in live training, you can improve their knowledge and skills, which will in turn increase your team’s productivity and ability to drive business success.

Our live Kubernetes training course provides hands-on experience working with real-world scenarios, giving you the practical skills you need to deploy and manage applications on a Kubernetes cluster. Our instructors are experts in the field, with extensive experience deploying and managing applications on Kubernetes. They will provide in-depth knowledge and guidance to help you succeed, and the hands-on experience you'll gain will give you the confidence to tackle real-world problems and succeed in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

This is a 3-day training.

Course Outline

Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Master Kubernetes networking, architecture, authentication, scaling, storage (and more) to prepare for your CKA Certification in a hands-on, practitioner-led way. Not just theory, but learning for the real-world, with 24 hours worth of training that’s available in person or via online remote learning, giving you choice and flexibility. Learning is engaging, with 30% lecture and 70% hands-on lab-based exercises, you will get practical knowledge, not just bland theory.

We teach small groups so that you can ask questions and dig into the concepts — everyone has the chance to take part and deep dive into Kubernetes concepts.

This is a 4-day training

Course Outline

Interested in getting trained on another topic?

Michael focuses on several other topics including…

(All trainings are $1,500 per day)


Learn how to configure AI and ML workloads on Kubernetes.


Learn Go and/or Python from start to finish.


Networking, systems, and infrastructure of all variants.


AWS, Azure, GCP, and other clouds for any environment.


Yes! You will receive a recording and have access to the labs forever.

This training is 100% geared to ensure that you can use Kubernetes at work for any job in any environment.

Both! You can’t have the hands-on without the theory and you can’t understand the theory without being hands-on. 70% hands-on and 30% theory.

It’s recommended to have some Kubernetes and containerization experience as this is not a beginner-level training.

It won’t fully prepare you for the CKA, but there is a good amount of overlap.

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