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Technical Advisor, Educator, Researcher, & Content Creator

As a former Lead DevOps Engineer, Senior Cloud Engineer, and current CTO & Senior Partner, Michael Levan has the proven expertise to help you on your mission to not only learn Cloud and DevOps but to get you the hands-on experience you need to succeed.

His mission is to help others all around the globe as a teacher, mentor, and consultant in various avenues of Cloud and DevOps.


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“Michael Levan is maybe one of the most prepared professionals out there to help us understand these changes and guide us through this new brave cloud computing world”

– Rodrigo Miravalles

Thank you so much for inspiring so many IT engineers like myself by creating Cloud DevOps courses on”

– Ashish Kumar

Michael is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about his trade, which is writing, teaching, and IT. A unique combination of skillsets. Great work, Michael. Thank you.”

– Michael Hess

“I can honestly say that I’ve followed your tutorials and advice more than anyone else”

– Daniel McLoughlin

CTO at

Michael Levan is CTO & Senior Partner at, a cloud & DevOps training academy and consulting firm.

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When it comes to being in the Cloud & DevOps space, coding is a must. Check out Michael’s professional GitHub that contains multiple open-source projects and automation code!



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