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Consultant, Advisor, and Content Creator

As a Principal Cloud-Native and Kubernetes Consultant/Architect, Michael Levan has the proven expertise to help you on your mission to learn, understand, and practice engineering in the Cloud and DevOps space.

He is a consultant, researcher, and content creator with a career that has spanned countless business sectors, and includes working with companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Pluralsight. An engineer at heart, he is passionate about enabling excellence in software development, SRE, DevOps, and actively mentors developers to help them realize their full potential.


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“Michael Levan is maybe one of the most prepared professionals out there to help us understand these changes and guide us through this new brave cloud computing world”

– Rodrigo M.

Thank you so much for inspiring so many IT engineers like myself by creating Cloud DevOps courses”

– Ashish K.

Michael is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about his trade, which is writing, teaching, and tech. A unique combination of skillsets. Great work, Michael. Thank you.”

– Michael H.

“I can honestly say that I’ve followed your tutorials and advice more than anyone else”

– Daniel M.

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“I just completed watching week 11 and week 12 lectures/project, and so, completing this great AWS Architect bootcamp.

It’s worth mentioning that I completed almost 52 hours of training from two great instructors last year. Yet, I kept postponing (then canceling it) because I felt that I’m still not ready for the AWS Solutions Architect certification. simply because I needed more hands-on experience not just for the exam but also to handle AWS architecting task/jobs with confidence.

Your bootcamp was the one I was looking for  – BIG thanks”

 Emad H, Cloud Professional






“I hired Michael for a small-ish Python API project and he ended up staying with us for months. Michael is a very hard worker and very knowledgeable about modern development practices. He’s great at both establishing best practices as well as executing on getting the work done. I would highly recommend Michael as a knowledgeable practitioner and a great person.”

Graham K, CEO 



“Michael is a highly skilled and passionate leader in the tech wold. He understands organizational needs in implementing a high velocity deployment pipelines. Michael is an amazing asset to have on your side when implementing devops and SRE best practices. He eased doubts and concerns regarding complex projects and made it easy for us to shift to a devops model.”

Phil A, DevOps Professional


Do you want to turn your cloud or DevOps project into a work of art? Ensure that quality, scalability, and automation practices are met?

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Michael Levan loves going deep into topics and expanding his cognitive limits as much as possible, which is what brought him to the research space. Check out Michael’s research products over on Gumroad



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