Platform Engineering and Kubernetes Consulting Services

Our Platform Engineering and Kubernetes Consulting services offer comprehensive solutions to optimize and enhance your environment. From planning and architecture to monitoring, observability, security, and cost optimization, our experts guide you through the entire journey of adoption. We specialize in custom controllers, operators, and CRDs, resource and container optimization, data backup, and protection, while ensuring seamless deployments, upgrades, and management in cloud and on-premises environments.

Kubernetes Adoption and Deployment

From greenfield implementation to modernizing and optimizing with tools and systems like monitoring, observability, service mesh, security, data protection, and more.

Platform Engineering Adoption and Deployment

The rise of Platform engineering shows us one thing - working together across teams is crucial to any organizations success. Services include everything from full implementations to advisory on future implementations.

Planning & Architecture

Lay a solid foundation for your Kubernetes and Platform Engineering deployments with meticulous planning and architecture design. We work closely with you to define the right cluster topology, networking, storage, and integration strategies, aligning with your business goals and requirements.


Working together, reducing cognitive load, ensuring separation of concern, and making platforms easy to use for all internal engineers and developers.

Team Strategy

Thinking about implementing a dedicated team or creating cross-functional teams?


Strengthen your Kubernetes and Platform Engineering security posture with our comprehensive security services. We conduct audits, identify vulnerabilities, and implement best practices to protect your containerized applications and infrastructure from threats and breaches.

Tool Choices

There are A LOT of tools and vendors to choose from in today's engineering world. Not sure which one to go with? Which tool will stick around for the next several years? Unsure what the differences are between tools? We can provide you the knowledge and backing you need to make the decision.


Already have a Kubernetes and/or Platform Engineering environment but looking to ensure that it's running 100%? We can help optimize your entire environment, ensure best practices, and get you to as close to perfect as possible.


$150.00 per hour

Hands-On Consulting (Implementation)

$165.00 per hour

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