This Isn't Just Another Book That'll Collect Dust

The Platform Engineering Book is meant to be THEE book that’ll help guide you down your journey as a Platform Engineer. From understanding where Kubernetes fits in to what tools and capabilities you can use within your Platform Engineering environment. In this book, you’ll get a hands-on, real-world, production-ready approach.


50 Kubernetes Concepts Every DevOps Engineer Should Know

Kubernetes is a topic that is on everyone’s mind right now, ranging from engineers to CTOs and CIOs. It’s been called the operating system of the cloud and the data center of the cloud. Its popularity is reaching every company from startups to the Fortune 500.

DevOps engineers now have the need and desire to master key concepts of Kubernetes. This book takes you through a vast amount of information about how Kubernetes works and why it works in certain ways.

You’ll learn everything from why cloud-native is important to implementing k8s clusters to deploying applications the way you would in production.


Quality Code With Go

Take a book on learning how to write Go code and add in the mindset of test-driven development the fun way. When you read a book or watch a course, it’s a great accomplishment. You’re learning how to not only write code but hopefully finding yourself emerge into real-world examples.

The idea of writing code is one thing, but training your mind to write it in a way that thinks quality first is another. Quality Code with Go takes the idea of learning how to write Go code + diving into all the different ways to test code with an emphasis on Azure and AWS SDK’s.

Quality Code with Go isn’t a lecture or theory on testing and code quality, it’s a fully hands-on, immersive experience on how to have *fun* writing quality code.

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