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Best in Class Live Instructor-Led Kubernetes Training

Master Kubernetes networking, architecture, authentication, scaling, storage (and more) to prepare for your CKA Certification in a hands-on, practitioner-led way. Not just theory, but learning for the real-world.

Advanced Training

The 24 hours worth of training is available in person or via online remote learning, giving choice and flexibility.

Hands-On Experience

Engaging learning, which is 30% lecture and 70% hands-on lab-based. You will get practical knowledge, not just bland theory.

Premium Material

You will have access to all the material even after completing the training. 

Be in Demand with Our Professional LIVE Training

We teach small groups so that you can ask questions and dig into the concepts — everyone has the chance to take part and deep dive into Kubernetes concepts.

$1500 / per Student

Michael Levan - Leader in Kubernetes and Containerization Training, Content, and Consulting. AWS Community Builder. HashiCorp Ambassador. Published Author and Public Speaker
  • Lab environment for CKA
  • Kubernetes Architecture
  • Cluster Design and configuration
  • Kubernetes Scheduler
  • Storage in Kubernetes
  • Deployment Types
  • Kubernetes Networking
  • High Availability Schedulers
  • Kubernetes Security best practices

Are you Ready?

Course Content

Module 1: CKA Comparison

Module 2: Lab environment for CKA

Module 3: Kubeadm installation

Module 4: Kubernetes Architecture

Module 5: Cluster Design and configuration

Module 6: Kubernetes API

Module 7: Controllers and Controller Manager

Module 8: Kubernetes Scheduler

Module 9: Manual Scheduling

Module 10: Kubernetes Proxy

Module 11: Storage in Kubernetes

Module 12: Various Kubernetes Deployment Types

Module 13: Kubernetes Networking and DNS

Module 14: High Availability cluster configurations

Module 15: High Availability Schedulers

Module 16: Kubernetes Security best practices

Module 17: Troubleshooting Kubernetes environments

  • No death by PowerPoint. Yes, there’s theory and slides, but it’s actually interesting and won’t put you to sleep.
  • It’s not a lecture. The trainings are interactive, engaging, and you can ask as many questions as you want! It’s about learning together and staying engaged.
  • No products are pushed. It’s all about being vendor-neutral. We talk about what’s truly needed in production instead of just talking about the “new hot tech”.

What Our Students Have to Say?

The instructor, Michael Levan, explained the key concepts without overwhelming us. Good pace and well done.

I really found value in your content as compared to others. It is really helpful for people and your followers. Very much appropriate. Thank you for all of your efforts.

Great Presentation skills from michael, easy to follow him. more events from michael

Michael’s technical knowledge of the subject was excellent. he was also able to explain the topic very well.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! You will receive a recording and have access to the labs forever.

This training is 100% geared to ensure that you can use Kubernetes at work for any job in any environment.

Both! You can’t have the hands-on without the theory and you can’t understand the theory without being hands-on. 70% hands-on and 30% theory.

It’s recommended to have 1-2 years of Kubernetes and containerization experience as this is not a beginner-level training.

Yes, this training will 100% prepare you for the exam. Between the training, recording of the training, and labs, you shouldn’t need any other material to pass the exam.