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  • A passionate, dedicated DevOps and SRE pro?
  • Advisory services to work hand-in-hand with someone to proactively identify opportunities or problems before they occur?
  • Someone who has led engineering teams and has been a hands-on engineer his entire career?
  • Develops findings and comes to conclusions for any environment?
  • A reliable and trusted expert that purely cares about the quality of work that’s implemented?

How Can We Help?

In the early days of technology, engineers and technicians had a core focus. Perhaps they were the “exchange person” or the “active directory” person. It was a logical approach to have that focus from a financial and career stability perspective. Now, in the world of Cloud, DevOps, and Automation, it’s very rare to have one core focus. For example, there’s no longer the “virtual machines in the cloud” person. You’re expected to know many aspects of the cloud.

In the world we live in, Michael believes in having a core focus on a specific technology instead of a platform. For example, instead of having a core focus on Jenkins (the platform), have a focus on CI/CD (the technology).

Michael takes these considerations in when architecting, planning, and scaling any environment.





 “Michael Levan was awarded the HashiCorp   Ambassador award for his efforts to the community  on Terraform and the HashiCorp CDK.”

Cloud & source control

Implement Git-based source control systems and the major public clouds. Cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid cloud? No problem!

Automation, Infra-as-code, and cicd

Turn your manual, repetitive tasks into automated repeatable tasks with Infrastructure-as-Code! Or go with a programming language like Go and/or Python for your automation needs

containers & orchestration

Want to containerize your application with Docker? How about orchestrating that container with Kubernetes?

monitoring & performance

The perfect mix of observability, alerting, and monitoring, all while following the best Site Reliability Engineering standards


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